The Makeshift Eulogy

  • by Mark Napier

  • there are things that move me to song
    along with smug feelings of being right
    happiness veiled in a light made from denial
    but in the end reality tells me I am wrong

    my friend helped me along
    staying with me through the troubles
    ups downs and in betweens
    whispering how weak I am when he is strong

    all this I believed and loved him
    worshiped him filled with his
    spirit of love and strength
    gave him my soul to be saved from sin

    today I cried scared and alone
    the loss of innocence was felt again
    unknown and unplanned for, looking for my friend
    filled with sorrow and chilled to the bone

    where were you friend when I needed you
    alone and far from the safety of my world
    lost and wandering like a frightened squirrel
    and it was then I realized the truth

    I had made you up, in my head
    to make the world a better place
    to comfort me in times dreary race
    but the truth is you are long since dead

    my god died today and let me down
    a makeshift eulogy
    for a makeshift deity
    my god died today without a sound

    © 2002 Mark A. Napier
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